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Saturday School @ Emihle Daycare

Our country is facing a serious education crisis – most profoundly in the areas of basic literacy, Mathematics and Science. Princess expressed her desire to assist school-going learners in her community academically. Her vision is to provide them with a safe place to learn and harness their true potential.  The “Saturday School @ Emihle Daycare” was launched on 22 April 2023. 

What a joy to be welcomed by 35 smiling faces – sitting at their desks and keen to learn! Princess has handpicked a few passionate tutors to assist her with different age groups and has split the learners into 3 different classrooms according to their academic phase. The Grade 1 – 6 groups focus was on reading and writing and the Grade 7 – 10 learners tackled some Maths. Our goal is to remediate gaps in order to improve the general reading age of these children as well as basic Maths knowledge in order to build a firm foundation for the learners to succeed in the Senior (Grade 7 – 9) and FET phases (Grade 10 onwards). Textbooks and stationery are made available to the children when they are working at the Saturday school as well as on weekday afternoons when learners come for assistance with homework. Princess makes sure that each child receives a meal so that they can learn effectively with full tummies.

We are so excited to see the fruits of Princess’ labour over the coming decade and in generations to come!